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Best of Vellvette box/bag/Fab bag 2013!

Hey guys!

Surely all my fellow beauty lovers have heard and at one point subscribed to the Vellvette box/bag/Fab bag. And we've all had good and bad experiences with it.
In this post I have combined all the good/decent experiences with the brand. These are the products that I would probably buy after I run out of the samples.
I had subscribed for the entire year of 2013 and now I bring to you the products I loved and am completely hooked on to!

1. Brocato Curl Calming Balm - I got it in my August box and have been in love with this product ever since I first used it. They provided a tube which had 25ml product which surprisingly lasted me 2-3 months! I have ran out of it now and purchased a bigger tube. 
This product is easy to use and has single handedly made my hair frizz less and tamed my curls. My hair looks silkier and beautiful. I have received so many compliments on my curls since I have started using this product. I swear by it! I have also mentioned it here.

Brocato Curl Calming Balm

2. Vicoria's Secret Fragrance Mist Love Spell - I got this mist last year in my January box which was also my first box. I love this mist! It has a very fruity smell and lasts all day long! I definitely recommend buying it.

Victoria's Secrets Fragrance Mist Love Spell

3. LA Splash cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner Silver - I got this in the October bag. This liner has made it to this list because I would've never bought this from a store and neither did I ever think I need a glitter eyeliner. But now that I have it, I wear it on special days! Usually I wear it under my eyes in the outer corner to give me some sparkle! It has a decent lasting power and will last you 1 whole event. It's also easy quite to remove.

 LA Splash cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner Silver

4. Purely Pro Cosmetics Blush Orchid- This 1 I got in the March bag. It's a beautiful warm red brick shade which looks good on Indian skin tone. Best part is it doesn't have any glitter! And lasts around 3-4 hours.

 Purely Pro Cosmetics Blush Orchid

5. Florelle Wet & Dry Blush Prelude 109 - This 1 I got in my November bag. I dropped and broke it on the same day I got it, gotta be careful. It has a lot of glitter and I didn't think I would be able to use it. But as it turns out, it works great as a highlighter since it doesn't have chunky glitter! I apply it lightly where my cheek bones start for a beautiful mauvish sheen


6. OPI nail lacquer White - I got this in the April box. It's a tine bottle with a tiny brush which helps me to do French Manicure without any hassle. The quality of the brush is decent and it gives an opaque finish in the first coat. I have been using this nail paint only ever since I got it for creating a white tip.

 OPI nail lacquer White

Well that's about it. It's sad that even though I have around 50 products from Vellvette only 6 of them made it to this list. What can I say Vellvette gave more bad experiences than good. 
I believe in the first few months they did a good job. But since the last few months the focus has completely shifted to providing full size cheap products instead of trial size luxury products which is basically what they stood for initially. I do hope they improve though.

Also, I should add that the reason you did not find any face cream in this is list because I haven't tried any that I've gotten from vellvette. Simply because you can't really judge if a cream is working for you in only 5-6 applications. And, I have really sensitive skin, so I figured I'd rather not do experiments on my face every month with new samples.

Do comment with what are your favorite product(s) from Vellvette.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned have been bought from my own money and the views expressed are solely based on my opinion and experience.


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