Sunday, 9 February 2014

Office Makeup | Minimalistic Makeup

Hey guys!

The girls of my age group who have just recently started using makeup and started working, are faced with the same question every morning..what to wear on the face in under 5 minutes!
In this post I'm going to give you an idea of what I do every morning before heading out of my house. Basically you need to come mid-way from your bare naked face to what you would wear on your wedding! So let's start off..

0. Moisturize - This is point 0 because this isn't optional, it's a mandate. I can't stress enough how important it is to moisturize every time you wash your face. Currently I am using Efatop PE lotion which was suggested to me by my dermatologist since I have sensitive skin. 
It takes 20-30 seconds to moisturize or sometimes even less.

1. BB/CC cream - Such creams form a good base for the rest of the makeup to last long throughout the day and also make your skin tone even. The added benefit is that these usually have SPF in them, so you don't separately need to wear sunscreen. Currently I am using the Garnier BB cream.
It should take you about a minute to apply it.
Garnier BB cream

2. Face Powder - To set your BB cream and keep the oil at bay, use a powder. I am currently using the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in the shade 05 Sandstorm. It's my Holy Grail powder at the time. 
It takes about 30 seconds to apply the powder.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

3. Eyeliner - I can't stress enough what difference does an eyeliner do to making you look so much better. Use an eyeliner that is matte and you can create a tiny wing if you want to, but keep it subtle. Currently I am using the MUA Black Waterproof Eyeliner.
It takes me about a minute to apply liner.
MUA waterproof Eyeliner
Swatch - MUA Waterproof Eyeliner

4. Eyeshadow - I know eye shadow isn't something most people wear to their office everyday, but I have a quick tip here for you. Take a brown shimmer eye shadow which is of the same shade as the skin tone of your eye lids and with an angled brush and create a line above your eye liner. (Note : Not on top of the eyeliner, but to the north of it, I hope I am able to explain it correctly). Sometimes, it gives a much needed sparkle to my eye on a dull office day! Currently I am using 1 of the shades from the Avon Mocha Latte eyeshadow quad.
Should take about 40 seconds for this step.

3rd shade from the Avon Mocha Latte quad

5. Kajal - This step is optional, but I can't go a day without wearing kajal on my waterline. I love the look of smudged kajal under my eyes! Currently I am using the L'Oreal Magique Kajal.
It takes about 15 seconds for this step.

Swatch - L'Oreal Magique Kajal

6. Blush - I personally don't think a blush should be worn to an office but if you want, you can use shades that are very subtle and don't have shimmer like the Maybelline Cheeky Glow in the shade Fresh Coral
Should take you about 30-40 seconds to apply blush.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow - Fresh Coral

7. Lipstick - Use a shade which matches the tone of your lips to make them look even. I usually apply an MLBB shade. Currently I am using Creme Cup by Colorbar which is a perfect MLBB shade for me and it leaves behind a pinkish tint which i like. 
It takes about 10-15 seconds to apply lipstick.

Swatch - Colorbar Creme Cup
And at the end of the day when the lipstick wears off and only a stain is left behind, you can put on a tinted lip balm over it and you're good to go!

There you go..all done! That too, in under 5 minutes! I know the text seems like a lot, but give it try. This routine enhances your features while giving you a beautiful look for the office!

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned have been bought from my own money and the views expressed are solely based on my opinion and experience.


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