Sunday, 20 April 2014

Latest Haul : GK 1 M Block Flats

Hey everyone!

I have been going on shopping sprees for summers like a fat kid goes at a chocolate cake. Winters are finally over and I have packed up my sweaters and ballets! I mean don't get me wrong, I love winters, but seriously this year, they just wouldn't end! I have been waiting for so long to let my feet breathe in open flats.

So, recently I was at GK-1 M Block, and all my fellow serial shoppers know you can't come back empty handed! I love shopping there, more than I love shopping at Sarojini! Don't know why that is..

So, coming back to my haul, I got 4 pairs of open flats! Check them out below:

Neon Peach; Rs. 225

Brown; Rs. 200

Purple; Rs. 230

Blue; Rs. 250

They are all very comfortable and dirt cheap! Surely many of you own the same styles. Do let me know how you like them in the comments below.

Which 1 is your favourite? Mine is the Blue at the end and neon peach.

Do comment!


Disclaimer: The products mentioned have been bought from my own money and the views expressed are solely based on my opinion and experience.