Sunday, 16 March 2014

Getting ready for Summers with ALDO Wayfarers

Hi Guys!

So summers are (almost) here! And it's time to bust out the sunglasses and short shorts! Last week I was at Aldo and picked up a new pair black shades (you can't have enough black shades!).

Price : Rs. 1000

I wish ALDO gave a better case

They're not over the top and I like how they are almost transparent at the bottom. They're the perfect black wayfarers for me. At least that's what I thought till I took them in the sun. The glasses turn magically pinkish wine in the sun. Because of that I love them even more now. *grinning*

That's me wearing them

The sun was just too harsh when I took this picture. Check out the pink-wine in the shades. Isn't it just beautiful! Do you love them like I love them?

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned have been bought from my own money and the views expressed are solely based on my opinion and experience.